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Kyoko Mitani was born in 1969, having grown up in Tokyo, Japan. As a kid, her parents took her out to many countryside and climbed mountains, she spent a lot of times in the nature. Also she was constantly making handicraft origami, knitting, sawing and drawing, and especially encountered "Argenteuil "Claude  Monet" and copied that was her first experience of oil  painting, all of  them were just her joyus playing with 'color'.

During study Space Planning Design in Musashino Art University, she preferred wild expression rather than trendy stile then mainstream for display designing, though a professor speak highly of her work exemplified in how important concentrate her barbaric but enthusiastic work in the class.

into traveling in the nature and met a lot of people, documented her own mind with scketings and pictures. She liked to think about human's spirituality and nature.

After graduate, she worked as a Landscape designer, on the other hand, explored to express "nature and human" by her own expression. "what is the truth between nature and life?"

​She took the class of Fine Arts and starts to express human passion in paint. But it sure is mirror of her mind scape.

color is essential essence.

She with color. 


The inner worlds of human's characters fascinates me.

I feel my huge grand that inside my own when I wander into the woods, see wind, air, sky, even in the cityscape, I feel human energy and it is my best pleasure moment, then they reproduce the human figures with flowers, some creatures or landscape that comes from my memories and mind scape in my paintings frequently.

​I work primary painterly in loud color with oils, acrylic but also use clothes tactually like curving sculpture and as well as add layers of hue. 

My passion is portraying all of life and soul of various primitive pure energy or emotion and most importantly humor relationship with color is my work of source. 

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