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Kyoko Mitani was born in 1969, having grown up in Tokyo, Japan, her parents took her out to the countryside often and climbed mountains, so she spent a lot of times in nature as a child. 

She was constantly handcrafting origami, knitting, sewing and drawing, and when she encountered "The Artist's House at  Argenteuil " by Claude Monet, she copied it which was her first captivated experience of oil painting. Everything was just her joyous playing with 'color' to her.

While studying Space Planning Design in Musashino Art University, she preferred raw and unrefined expression rather than the trendy stile of the mainstream for display designing, which a professor spoke highly of her work at the class as "quite rough, barbaric but it is beautiful, exemplifies how important to express concentration and enthusiasm as an art form.

So further more she visited to nature and met people through climbing mountains, and documented her mind with sketches and pictures. She was passionate to focus human spirituality and nature.

After graduating, she worked as a Landscape designer ; make the best use of the natural environment and biodiversity, with inspiration of something special of the invisibility between nature and human ; also started to render human passion in paint based traditional representation. 

She was convinced that those forms and colors were the mirror of her mind scape.

So she is enjoys communicating with every soul every time with every color. 

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